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Understanding PNR Status

It is the term we use to go with at least one time in our life if traveled frequently and using internet and online services. We use to travel for so many purposes in our life going back to home, for celebrating an auspicious festival, for attending any ceremony, for a holiday vacation, going to holy pilgrimage and lots of other reasons.

Travelling is the part of our life and as the youngsters are moving to far places from their home town for further studies or job relocation, it has become a necessary and important part of our lives.

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It is a record of an individual traveler, passenger name record exist in the database of digitized or computerized reservation system of railways and airlines. Previously this concept was used by airways industry to provide the information of passengers and seats availability in different flights using same destination. This is the easiest way to track the information of each person using flights to travel.

PNR number remains same with you till the time you are on journey and cannot be changed before the completion of your journey.

As the concept become successful in that industry, it is adopted by Railway industry too. Indian Railways OR IRCTC provides number to all the tickets booking to make the checking easier.

If we talk about Indian Railways, this number can be checked by entering a 10 digit unique number on the IRCTC website. In the same way many other websites also provide the facility to check your status online for railway or flight tickets. You can also verify it from your cell phone (mobile) as well as landline.

Different Types of STATUS while reservation?

This unique number is generated for every booking of ticket whether it is confirmed or unconfirmed ticket. It provides the arrival time, departure time, details of every stoppage during the journey, availability of seats and so on. There are some terminologies used by the websites to provide information. Here are the important abbreviations used by Indian railways for ticket booking:

RAC– Reservation Against Cancellation.
CAN/MOD – Cancelled or Modified Passenger.
WL# – Wait List Number
CNF/Confirmed – Confirmed
CK – Tatkal Quota.
GNWL – General Wait List
CKWL – Tatkal Waiting List
R## – RAC Coach Number Birth Number
RLWL – Remote Local Wait List
REGRET/WL – No More Booking Permitted
PQWL – Pooled Quota Wait List
RELEASED – Ticket Not Cancelled but Alternative Accommodation is Provided.

Here are the details of some terms which are helpful for every passenger while checking Status:

RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation used for a user (passenger) who doesn’t have a confirmed ticket, but he has having the authority to travel without any confirmed seat. It depends on the number of persons in the waiting list; it may be further promoted to a confirmed berth if one of the seats becomes available due to last moment cancellations which usually took place at the journey date.

RAC passengers can catch the train and can sit on the seats available in two side berths. If a seat becomes available which can be confirmed by the Ticket Checker Officer, an RAC passenger can get the reserved seat, and the second RAC passenger who left can convert the two side chairs into a single seat.

WL – Waiting List is the term used for a passenger who doesn’t get any seat even for sitting. In this case, if number of confirmed seats or RAC travelers cancels their reservations before the journey date, he/she will become eligible to accommodate. The size of waiting queue depends on the train and may vary according to the present situation.

There are a fixed number of wait listing seats, once the maximum number waiting tickets have been issued, no further ticket requests are allowed or accepted and refused with REGRET status on the website. After that it is not possible to book or purchase a ticket in any category.

Privacy Policy and Transparency

Every person is equal and its privacy is very important for the concerning department. The personal information passengers have filled is kept private and cannot be used by any other source. In the same time, there is no partiality or priority queue is used during confirmation of tickets. This is a system generated number and depends on first-come-first-serve basis only.

So, with your Number in your hand enjoy the wonderful experience of traveling in any part of the world with no hassle and peace of mind.

How to know status directly on your mobile phone or cell phone?

Well, if you don’t know much about the status of your booked tickets and want to know more about it, here are some ideas to know status on your mobile phone.

If you are planning to visit different places in India in this vacation and got your journey tickets reserved through Indian Railways web portal or from any of their ticket counters, and if you didn’t get any confirm tickets with specific seat numbers so you will definitely need to know the status of booked tickets after equal intervals.

To check the status of your booked tickets you will need PNR number of your tickets. Although, the process of knowing your reservation status is very simple and easy but some people might find it difficult as they don’t know how to discover it through online facility or getting it directly on the mobile phone. Well, there are some simple ways through which you can easily get it on mobile phone.

Utilize your ten digit mobile number to check status via sms

You will love to use this fantastic low cost service for knowing your status on mobile. This simplified and cost effective service has been introduced by Google under which one will have to send the PNR number to certain mobile number to check the pnr status.

The service number on which you will have to send the PNR number is 9773300000. Suppose you have purchased an sms pack for your mobile number and if you will send your it through sms on above mentioned mobile number, you will be charged with the normal SMS rate. It means the premium SMS rate will not be applicable in that case.

The 139 service

The pre established 139 calling service of Indian railways can help you to know your booking status on mobile or cell phone. You just need to type given PNR number of your booked ticket and send it to 139 without typing space for knowing your status. This excellent service is active 24×7 and throughout the country.

Alternate number to check 5676747

One more number can help you explore your status, the service number is 5676747. Sending PNR number of your booked ticket to this number can also help you to know the reservation status. Sending SMS on both of these numbers will be a charged service and you will be charged for each SMS as per the charges defined by the authorities (usually 3 INR/ SMS)

Employ internet enabled mobile phone

If you carry an internet enabled mobile phone with you, so you can use the online services of to check your status in your GPRS enabled phone. Apart from this, you can call the Indian railways helpline number i.e. 139 and follow the instructions to know your railway booking status.

All these steps are reliable, safe and simple for you to check the PNR status of your booked tickets.